Bring Nature To Your Home With Indoor Plants

If you feel that your home is lacking life, you should bring some to it! Plants are a great addition to any shared living space. They are not just decoration, but a source of air renewal since they reduce carbon dioxide levels. Indoor plants are also proven to reduce their owners’ stress levels and fatigue. No matter how much space you have at home, whether you live in a small studio apartment or a comfortable house in the suburbs, there is a way to bring a bit of nature to your lifeless living spaces.

Create a dedicated corner for your leafy plants

Choose an empty corner of your home to be the designated place to all your plants. This is a great method for those people who are very busy and do not have time to go around the house to take care of their plants, and also for those people who do not have many surfaces where to put their plants on. You can simply place your plants in their pots on the floor, or use some old stools, chairs and side tables to place them at different heights. If you decide to dedicate a corner of your house or apartment for your plants, make sure they are many and luscious, otherwise, your plants will look like you made them stay in timeout for not behaving!

Incorporate small plants all around your house

If you don’t have much space, or are not a fan of big leafy plants, succulents are your best friends. You can have them in pretty much any space and they are pretty low-maintenance! Bookshelves are a great option since you can also use the pots as book-stoppers. Succulents are also the best options if you want to have plants on your bookshelves because they do not need much water, and therefore you don’t risk getting your books wet. In other spaces of your house, you can have different houseplants on coffee tables, shelves, over counters and on vanity tables. Be creative and experiment with varied assorted plants on different surfaces!


Hang your plants on your walls

Either if your place is very reduced, or if you have a big plain wall, wall pots are a great way to bring some green to your home. There are numerous varieties of pots and racks where you can place your indoor plants and hang them on your wall. For a modern look, you can go for glass or acrylic containers, which you can pick in different shapes and sizes. If you are a fan of a cozier and country look, you can have some pots hanging from iron racks. You can even repurpose old and broken pots and integrate them to your walls. The options are endless!


But, wait… Which plants do I choose?

Now that you have chosen how to incorporate plants into your living spaces, you can choose among leafy indoor plants or succulents. If you like leafy tall plants you can choose a fig tree, a ficus, or a snake plant. In case you prefer plants that fall elegantly from their pot, a spider plant or an English ivy are nice options. And finally, succulents such as cacti and aloe vera are great if you are looking for a plant that can endure long periods without water. In the case you choose to have a cactus, you can find taller and shorter varieties, in several sizes and shapes. And remember, no matter how you decide to include indoor plants to your house, having them will make a drastic and much positive change in it!