Make Your House Look Like You Always Wanted

Are you moving to a new house and want to personalize it to suit your style? Or maybe you want to give your old house a fresh look? If so, we have some tips for you that will help you make your house look like you always dreamed while you have some fun. First of all, you will have to choose the design style that suits you best. Ideally, your interior design should be the same as the exterior one. Some of the most common styles you should take into account are:

  • Transitional: this type of style is a mix of traditional and modern styles, which makes it perfect to make your new house look cozier, or to renovate your old house. Muted colors and soft lines are what mainly define this style. So using stones or paintings with neutral colors to decorate your house could be a great idea, as well as buying dark furniture with curved lines.
  • Modern: this decoration style favors clean lines, which are softened by earth tones and wood. Sofas are a very important part of the modern style, and they are usually put at the center of the scene. Modern style tends to look better in houses that built after the ‘50s.
  • Contemporary: this minimalist style consists in having few devices per room, and fosters the use of blacks, whites, and greys. Using materials such as glass or metal is also a typical characteristic of this style.
  • Farmhouse: this style is quite warm and cozy, as it requires earth colors and wooden furniture and antiques. Overstuffed sofas are also a great touch.  

Once you know which style you want, you have to plan how you are going to implement it in each room. Don’t try to do all the house at once, or you’ll probably get frustrated and want to quit. Instead, start working in the rooms that you consider to be the most important, and when you finish them, you move on to the other ones. Go one or two room at a time. You don’t need to decorate all the rooms following the same style, but make sure that they have at least an element in common.

If you are not sure of where you can start, I recommend that you decorate the room where you spend most of your time first. Then, you should start by deciding what do the most important element of that room. If you are starting with your bedroom, for example, you should see how you are going to decorate your bed. If, on the other hand, you decide to decorate your living room first, you’ll have to make some decisions about how to decorate your table or sofa.

Now it’s time to move on to painting!

You have to be bold and paint each room of the color your heart desires. White is OK, but it’s too common. Don’t be afraid of choosing more vibrant colors. This is the moment to be bold. If you don’t like the final result, you can always repaint the room later.   

As you can see, decorating your house is not a big deal. You just have to decide which style you want, where you are going to start, and then just do it! If you do it right, you’ll have your house looking like you’ve always dreamed of in no time.