Top 5 Cool Car Air Fresheners In The Market This Year

No one likes a smelly car. That’s a fact. For that same reason, air fresheners are vital to keeping your car free from disgusting odors. But with so many options around it’s hard to see which are the coolest car air fresheners around. From the classic rear-window hanging air fresheners to more modern alternatives, there are countless options to choose from! Here we share with you our top five ones. Look out for number one, because it is the best air freshener we have found!

#5 Zumiez air fresheners

Some people want an air freshener that shows a bit of their personality. We found the wide variety of designs in Zumiez pretty cool. There are dozens of designs to choose from, and you will definitely find one that fits your style. Functionally, they are like any air freshener you get for free at a car wash, but with an extra sprinkle of coolness. They do dry up easily and you will have to change them every couple of days, but we cannot deny they are a cool piece of decor for your car!

#4 Refresh Your Car! Scented Gel Can

They come in a wide variety of scents and are quite practical. You can place them in the cup-holder of your car and enjoy their nice smell. These gel cans last longer than the ones that we mentioned before, but not longer than a couple of weeks, and their scent tends to get weaker as the time goes by. There are no refills for this air freshener, so you will have to throw away its plastic container every time you buy a new one, which is not very good for the environment.

#3 Febreze Car

This air vent clip is small and simple and comes in unique scents, which is not less than we would expect from this brand. They come in packs of one, two or five and each clip normally lasts a month. A big drawback is that you need your air vent to be functioning (either with A/C or heating) in order to make the freshener work and let the scent spread in your car. Heating makes the car freshener dry faster, so it is not a good option during the coldest months.

#2 Little Trees air fresheners

Better in quality than Zumiez, and a long-time classic. Little Trees are what we all think about when we think of air fresheners. They come in a wide array of scents to choose from and are rather inexpensive. These iconic vintage-looking air fresheners will give your car a nice smell for a couple of days. The main drawback is that you will have to constantly change them since they tend to dry up easily.

5 Cool Car Air Fresheners

#1 BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags

Probably the best option in the market. Natural, cost-effective and eco-friendly. They remove any unpleasant odors and completely freshen the air. They last years and, when they have completed their cycle, you can use them as compost for your garden, therefore resulting in zero waste! What is cooler than that? Its activated bamboo charcoal filters the air and traps odor, allergens, and bacteria, and helps eliminate mildew and mold. They also completely eliminate the smell of cigarettes! It comes in a very stylish linen bag, which you can place anywhere in your car: let it stand in your cup-holder, or hang it from its metal grommet on the rear-view mirror! You can order them online, and they will arrive at your home very quickly. We can’t help but recommend BreatheGreen as the coolest air freshener in the market!

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Breathe Green Charcoal Bags